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There are moments in life when we think that time is not enough for anything. On the contrary, there are moments in life when we think time just does not pass and stays still.



There are businesses that we seek and want to go on for many years and earn growing profit, and or just want it to stay stable as it is, but it just does not happen. There are businesses where it just keeps going on downturns and seems like never going to end, time just gets stuck, and seems it will never end. In this moment of time, an “Opportunist” action should be taken in, so that “future” will bring back its growing structure of business once again.



This is the place where I enter into the picture. With my opportunist and reformist actions, in business and trade (locally-internationally), we (together gather up) understand where the business is going wrong and find an opportunity to make it stop from a “downturn” and "increase" your business with right actions.


I am an expert in import-export and international trade activities (foreign trade regulations and policies), together with the principles of financial activities, budgeting and information-based research.


I have advanced knowledge in debating, bargaining, local sales (traditional sales), overseas sales (Sales in regions like North Africa, West Africa, South Africa, EMEA, Europe, Balkans, Northern Europe, Russia, Middle Asia, Far East Asia, and CIS) and purchasing - procurement (importation on extensive research for different industrial segments, textile products (full-semi), petrochemical and chemical materials in regions like Europe, Africa, and Far East Asia – Especially China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indian purchasing).


With my reformist and opportunist structure, I know that establishing team-work based in institutionalized companies will have more effective marketing structure and in reflect to more sales in future due to a more state-based global economy.



We can work the either way you wish;


as a Foreign Trade Consultant,


as an Investment Consultant in Turkey, and or other EMEA country’s


as project-based problems that you need to get it solved,


as a Permanent High-End Manager for your company…


So why wait...? Kindly send me an email with including what you have in mind, and let's discuss this either through getting together on a certain time and/or through a video-based conference.


"Do not let time stand still on a downturn for your business! Let time go on for a growing business!"



At this moment of time, I am currently residing in ISTANBUL/TURKEY. When you come to a point of thinking my address details, please do not think wrongfully, as moving in short time (relocation of my living address) is no problem for me. When viewing my curriculum vitae kindly note that I have not added my full address, this is an open internet, where some security precautions had to be made.



Thank you for your time on reading my ideas for your future business…


Izzet Duru

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