Foreign Trade Links

The links that I have provided here are only for information purposes in International Trade; which I think, that would be helpful. No other intention is made. So when using these links with information provided in them, and also with the usage of them are on your own dispose and choice only.

1) T.C. Economy Ministry Web Site Country Tables - Only Available in Turkish


2) Juris International - This database offers access to essential information on international trade law including full-text international legal instruments, over 150 model contracts, dispute resolution centres and a network of business lawyers.

(Available in English,French & Spanish)


3) World Customs Organization - Avilable in English & French


4) International Chamber of Commerce


5) The World Factbook - CIA


6) Drop Ship and Wholesale Product Suppliers


7) Buy and Sell Trade Leads


8) Taiwan Export Directory


9) Indian Manufacturers and Suppliers


10) Business To Business Trade Directory Index


11) Inernational Trade Market

Export Leads by Country and Products


12) B2B Business Importers Exporters Directory


13) Global Trade Lead Database


14) Trade Leads from Manufacturers and Buyers


15) European Business Portal


16) Qualified Import/Export Trade Leads


17) Import Trade Leads and International Opportunities


18) A Free Website for Importers and Exporters


19) Import and Export Trade Leads and Services


20) High Quality Import and Export Trade Leads


21) Import Export Trade Leads Marketplace


22) Free Business-to-Business Trade Leads


23) Small Business Directory of Indian Suppliers


24) Searchable B2B Directory and Yellow Pages


25) Bring Vietnam to the World


26) B2B Marketpace and business Directory


27) U.S. Manufacturers Directories


28) Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers


29) Trade Drop Ship Directory


30) BuyKorea B2B International


31) Business Sales and Mailing Lists


32) California's Gateway to Global Trade


33) International Trade Leads Center


34) Buyer and Supplier Portal


35) Import Export Trade Leads


36) Import - Export Bulletin Board


37) European Import Export b2b Marketplace


38) Free Trade Website


39) Africa's Marketplace - Gateway to Trade


40) Sell and Info Trade Leads for Free


41) Free Access to Global Business Info


42) World and China Manufacturers sites


43) Business to Business Marketplace


44) Comprehensive Resource for Industrial Products


45) B2B Taiwan and China Products Manufacturer Direcory


46) Unlimited Access to All US Manufacturers


47) China Manufacturers Directory


48) Export Leads by Country and Products


49) International Trade Centre - available in English, French & Spanish. Regional and country local web can choosen.


50) FITA (The Federation of International Trade Associations) - Has 450 association members and 450,000 linked company members dedicated to the promotion of international trade, import-export, international logistics management, international finance and more.


51) World Trade Organization


52) Turkish Foreign Trade Regulations - Multi language under electronic translation. 


53) Dış Ticaret Terimleri sözlüğü - Online Search available (English - Turkish)


54) Brand Finance - Brand Finance Plc is a brand evaluation consultancy. Interesting information here.


55) Invest in Turkey - A general guide and informations related for investing in Turkey.


56) Turkey - Foreign Economic Board - (DEIK) is responsible for leading foreign economic relations of Turkish private sector in a myriad of sectors particularly foreign trade, international investment and services, international construction activities and logistics, exploring inward and outward investment opportunities as well as increasing the export volume of Turkish business and coordinating similar business development activities.


57) Go Turkey Official Tourism Portal of Turkey - Is the official web portal of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism promoting Turkey and its tourism is the fastest and most reliable source providing the most accurate information regarding Turkey’s tourism. (Available languages: Turkish, English, French, German and Russian)


58) Turkish Exporters' Assembly - Is the roof organization of the exporting firms around 52,000 was established in 1993. It continues its studies on legitimate basis as the professional organization of the firms involved in foreign trade. TIM organized as a general secretary organization as being the upper organization of the unions of exporters is represented by the Chairman.(Available languages: Turkish, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese)



There will be more links to come....

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