We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit"

What to do?

Things that you should have already prepared already:

Preparing for your Strategy...

  • Your company has a website in English, and preferably the language of the target country.

  • Presentation materials, product descriptions etc. are available in English, and preferably the language of the target country.

  • You have a draft in English for the distribution or agency agreement, and you have a good idea of what would be realistic fees and percentages.

  • Delivery conditions and international logistics are clear and described.

  • There is an outline for a marketing plan, specifying the proposed way of promoting the products or services in the target country.

  • Investment and control - joint venture, global partner, acquisition?

  • and few more... 

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

First Steps...

  • It takes research and a great plan to make sure your exporting and international expansion efforts pay off.

  • If you’ve decided to take your business into Turkish -  Middle East markets, your timing is good.

Step 1—Take a hard look to yourself

  • Begin by taking a look at your business. How prepared are you for this next phase of your growth?

  • Your finances—Does your business have the financial capacity to make a long-term commitment to your exporting or other foreign expansion project?

  • Your leadership—Are the owners and senior managers all on board? Are you ready to get the outside expertise you need to support management?

  • Your team—Do you have adequate marketing, sales and other human resources? What additional personnel will you need?

  • Your products or services—What will make your offerings stand out against the competition in a Turkish & Middle East markets? Are you ready and able to adapt them to the needs and desires of customers in Turkish & Middle East markets?

First steps for your Strategy...

Step 2, Step 3... 

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