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I have advanced knowledge in first phase construction-Installation Company (start-up - running), debating, bargaining, overseas sales (Sales in regions like North Africa, West Africa, South Africa, EMEA, Europe, Balkans, Northern Europe, Russia, Middle Asia, Far East Asia, and CIS) and purchasing (importation on extensive research for different industrial segments, textiles, textile machines, machines, electronics, hard material components, glass materials, aerosol based products, petro-chemical and chemical materials in regions like Europe, Africa, and Far East Asia – Especially China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indian purchasing). 

With a proven and based capability to identify business related targets - problems, analyze businesses/industry's and to develop business plans/solutions for multiple stakeholders. As a result of my international background and experience, I have a broad knowledge of cultural differences and have applied this to close deals at internationally together with teams from different regions, functions and businesses.

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* Previously, because of annoying calls. I am not sharing my telephone number here. If you need to talk to me please send me a message. 

Foreign Trade Consulting izzet.duru@gmail.com - Any information provided in this website is based on prior consent. Can not be used without given consent.

istanbul, turkey

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